Here is a rough timeline of how BC will be reopening this summer

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Last week, Premier John Horgan announced a plan for BC reopening this summer. And in it, he laid out what each phase would include in terms of businesses and government services. Well, we decided to briefly outline what each stage would look like.

Now, we do have to make it clear that these are not hard and fast guidelines for reopening. In fact, the government made a point to not provide any exact dates for the majority of the plan. Why? Because they are going to gauge how each stage is working before moving forward.

Anyway, here’s a rough outline.

Phase 1- Present Day

  • Essential health and health services
  • Law enforcement, public safety, first responders and emergency response personnel
  • Vulnerable population service providers
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Food and agriculture service providers
  • Transportation
  • Industry and manufacturing
  • Sanitation
  • Communications and information technology
  • Financial institutions
  • Other non-health essential service providers

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Phase 2- Mid-May (Probably)

  • Restoration of health services
    • Re-scheduling elective surgery
  • Medically related services:
    • Dentistry, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, and chiropractors
    • Physical therapy, speech therapy, and similar services
  • Retail sector
  • Hair salons, barbers, and other personal service establishments
  • In-person counselling
  • Restaurants, cafes, and pubs (with sufficient distancing measures)
  • Museums, art galleries, and libraries
  • Office-based worksites
  • Recreation and sports
  • Parks, beaches, and outdoor spaces
  • Child care

Phase 3- June onwards (if everything goes to plan)

  • Hotels and Resorts (June 2020)
  • Parks – broader reopening, including some overnight camping (June 2020)
  • Film industry – beginning with domestic productions (June/July 2020)
  • Select entertainment – movies and symphony, but not large concerts (July 2020)
  • Post-secondary education – with mix of online and in-class (September 2020)
  • K-12 education – with only a partial return this school year (September 2020)

Phase 4- To Be Determined (Requires wide vaccination, “community” immunity, broad successful treatments)

  • Activities requiring large gatherings, such as:
    • Conventions
    • Live audience professional sports
    • Concerts
  • International tourism

Finally, as for the bars, nightclubs and casinos, the provincial government will be working with those sectors for more nuanced approaches.

We got all this info from the BC Government website. If you’d like to read the Restart Plan for BC reopening in full, click here!

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