Here are 5 great ways to spend a weekend on Vancouver Island

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Now that things are opening up a bit more in BC, it’s a great chance to check out one of the most beautiful places in the whole province, Vancouver Island. And believe it or not, the island is much more than just Victoria. It has some of the most stunning parks, landscapes, and shorelines in the whole country. So, check out this quick guide we cooked up to some of the best things to do on the gem of BC, Vancouver Island.

Shred some nasty, nasty waves

Did you know that you can catch some of the gnarliest waves this side of the 49th parallel in Tofino? Are you worried because you have never shredded a nasty wave before? That’s totally fine. Tofino has so many surfing schools to teach you how to destroy some waves, even for the complete beginner. Plus, most of these schools have reopened with new COVID-19 procedures! See you out on the water.

Get lost in Pacific Rim National Park

It’s one of the most stunning national parks in the country. At Pacific Rim National Park, you can walk through the beautiful temperate rain forest, explore the gorgeous Long Beach or learn about the Indigenous Nuu-chah-nulth people who have lived there for centuries. Go camping and soak up the beautiful views. Of course be aware of the COVID-19 rules and regulations, along with everything else you need to know to be properly prepared. Whether you’re going for a day or a week, it is well worth checking out Pacific Rim.

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Watch some whales hang out in the ocean

What notable creature lives in the ocean? If you said octopuses, you’d be correct, but it’s not the answer we’re looking for. We were hoping you would say “whales.” Vancouver Island has some of the best places to check out nature’s most majestic creatures. Book a trip to get up close and personal with the many whale species of the northern Pacific. Just don’t bring along your buddy Ahab.

Take a scenic flight and appreciate the island’s beauty

We all know the island is beautiful, but it’s hard to step back and truly appreciate the scenery. Unless, of course, you’re in a plane. Book a tour in a floatplane or helicopter and see all the nature the island has to offer. You’ll be able to soar high above the inlets, island, and lush rain forests. God, we sure are lucky to live in such a beautiful province.

Canoe or Kayak on the ocean

If you like to explore at your own pace and want to really work your upper body, take a canoe or kayak out onto the ocean. There are many places that offer kayak or canoe rentals for you to cruise around the west coast of the island. And if you don’t know where the choicest places are, Tofino Sea Kayaking offers guided tours and courses so you can get acquainted with the ins and outs of kayaking.

And that’s our round-up of 5 great ways to spend a weekend on Vancouver Island! We hope that if you do decide to go enjoy the island that you do so safely and have tons of fun while you’re at it.