Here are 5 good news stories from around Canada this week

Photo via Shutterstock

We here at Curiocity have scoured the internet looking for good news stories to make your heart soar, your smile widen, and your day brighter. On this Friday morning, we’ve made it our mission to give you a smile going into the weekend.

Oh? You want the good news now? Okay, here we go.

Girl Guide Cookies are finally available online

What the world needs right now are cookies. Luckily, the Girl Guides have made it so that we can order them from the comfort of our own couch. Due to the pandemic, they’ve moved all their cookie sales online, which means our credit card bills will be mostly cookie-related this month.

A Canadian made the world’s first ‘working lightsaber’

The force is strong with this one. Too strong perhaps. Youtuber, engineer, and Star Wars fan has created a fully retractable lightsaber. Can it cut through droids, walls, and stormtroopers? That’s yet to be discovered.

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Canada’s home market is as strong as ever

Given the recent impact of the pandemic on our economy, it’s good to know some sectors are bouncing back. Canada’s seen a record-breaking month in the housing industry, so hopefully, this rising tide can raise all boats!

Canada announced funding for Anti-Racism Projects

The Canadian Government has announced that they’ll be handing out funds to projects that fight discrimination in all its forms. Another great step in building an inclusive Canada. We don’t think there’s a better sector to fund out there!

Abbotsford’s Chase Claypool is setting NFL records

While Canada likes to think of itself as a hockey nation, we have produced some amazing athletes in other sports. Notably, Chase Claypool, who is tearing it up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Go, Chase, Go!

Well, there you go. Be sure to tune in next time for your rundown of good news from around the world!