Here are 10 good news stories from the past week to make you smile

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The long weekend baby! Yeah, that’s right. This Friday marks the beginning of a long weekend that we have been really looking forward to. So, why not have yourself a nice, fulfilling portion of good news that will last you until Tuesday?

There will now be more strict COVID-19 measures on flights

As a way of slowing down the pandemic, domestic flights will now be doing temperature checks on all passengers. While at first glance this might seem like one more thing to worry about, we think taking the extra second to help slow the spread of COVID-19 is an all-around great thing!

The missing “Mamabear” has been returned to its rightful owner

This might be the most heartwarming thing to happen this week. A backpack containing a bear equipped with the voice of the owner’s deceased mother was stolen and then found, this last week. It’s great to see the bear in its rightful owner’s arms once again!

Canada has implemented rules on American travellers going to Alaska

You may have heard about some Americans heading to Alaska and taking their sweet time getting to the border. In response to this, the government has a new system to make sure that anyone saying they’re just “passing through” is doing just that. Great stuff!

The Toronto International Film Festival has released its 2020 movie lineup

Film buffs, movie geeks, and festival fans rejoice because TIFF is up and running! While a much smaller roster of movies will be showing, there are still some great flicks that you’ll be able to check out. And, even with the strange circumstance, the movie selection is absolutely unmissable!

The NHL is back up and running

It’s been a long time since we last heard the scrapping of ice and the roar of the crowd of an NHL. And we’re going to be able to experience one of those very soon. This Saturday is the first official game of the return to the season and we are incredibly excited to see the boys back on the ice.

Canada’s economy seems to be recovering

At least, taking the data from May and the expectations for June it is. As it stands, Canada’s economy has recovered roughly halfway from its low points in March and April. So while the new normal is going to be here for a while, it seems like Canada has been able to adapt.

Sidney Crosby sent a signed jersey to big fan

And not just any fan. Last year, a Calgary family suffered a house fire, and to make matters worse, a signed Crosby jersey was irreparably damaged. Well last weekend, a local coach finally received a replacement (after calling in some favours) and was able to present it to him. It almost makes us want to cheer for the Penguins.

Canada’s national contact tracing app is up and running

While it’s only functioning in Ontario, the Canadian government is finally rolling out its national app for COVID-19 outbreaks. The anonymous app will notify users if they came into close proximity with another user who ends up testing positive and could be a benefit in preventing future outbreaks.

Pro sports team dove into representation and social justice

Lots of good sports stories this week, hey? Across a variety of leagues, sports teams made it very clear that they stand for social justice, equality, and progress. The Edmonton Oilers used Cree syllabics for Ethan Bear’s jersey, while the Toronto Raptors are letting players choose their own messages (linked above). And that’s just a couple of examples!

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