Hello, Uber! BC to (hopefully) get ridesharing this fall

Photo via @uber Instagram

The BC government has announced that they will be accepting applications for ridesharing this September, with cars on the road later this fall. While the details haven’t been fully ironed out, here’s what we know so far.

The regulations regarding ridesharing are focusing on company, driver and passenger safety. Drivers will be required to undergo criminal background checks and must obtain a class 4 license. Additionally, ICBC will be introducing a new insurance policy specifically for rideshare companies.

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Drivers will be charged a fee-per-trip by the government, as well as a $500 yearly fee. Also, the Passenger Transportation Board will be determining the supply, pricing and boundaries for ridesharing companies.

But we’re not going to bore you with all these technicalities, especially since you can just read the full report here.

All we know is that after 5 years of waiting, Vancouverites will finally be able to Uber everywhere. Skrt skrt.

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