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Guide: 12 things you have to do in Vancouver before summer ends

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Well we hate to say it, but you’ve got like 4, maybe 5 weeks max to live it up in Vancouver before summer ends. So, to help you decide how to fill your days we are revisiting our summer bucket list, plus adding a couple of things we’ve written since then. If you haven’t already checked off a few of these items, then there’s no time like the present.

Here’s everything to do before summer ends in Vancouver.

Go on a hike!

stawamus chief

Of course, going on a hike should be number one on your list this summer. The area around Vancouver is the most beautiful in the country, and we think that it would be a shame if you didn’t get into nature at least once. Click the link above for spring/year round hiking spots, or this one for summer (read: harder) options.

Enjoy a Summer Market

richmond night market

From North Vancouver to Richmond, Vancouver is full of summer markets. You can turn it into a date opportunity, or you can pick up some fresh groceries for a weekend BBQ instead. Farmers Markets, Night Markets… you name it, and Vancouver has it.

Spend a day at the Water Park

harrison water park

There are a ton of water parks around Vancouver that are more than worth the trip out there. While Cultus is the usual first choice, you should make sure that one of the other ones near the city doesn’t pique your interest too.

Check out a winery

BC has some of the best wineries in North America, and it would be a shame if you didn’t get to experience them in all their glory. Click the link above for wineries near Penticton, or this one for some further south in the Okanagan Valley.

Have a picnic!

best picnic spots

From local beaches to public parks, Vancouver’s picnic scene is second to none. If you just want to relax one weekend and take in the gorgeous weather, there’s no better way to do it than with a picnic.

Patio Hop

the galley

We’ve done all sorts of patio guides for this summer. Ready to hear what’s up? There’s after-work drinks, rooftops, pup-friendly… you name it, and we’ve got it.

Go on a day trip

deep cove

One of the best parts about living in Vancouver is the proximity to all kinds of day trips. From kayaking in Deep Cove to exploring Fort Langley, there are a ton of hidden treasures around Vancouver.

Drink some beer

33 pizza

Another great part of the city is our incredible brewery scene. We’re talking world-class, award-winning beers around every corner. We think you should start in Grandview-Woodland or Mount Pleasant and work your way out from there.

Stay cool in a pool

summer vancouver pool

Did you know that Vancouver has five outdoor pools in the city? Us neither, so if you don’t want to freeze in the ocean you can just hit one of them up instead. Our top pick? Definitely Kitsilano.

Eat some ice cream

elephant garden

Have you taken the time yet to try out all the best places for ice cream in Vancouver? No? Hoo boy, are you missing out. Thank goodness we made a guide to the best places, from ice cream tacos to vegan treats.

Have a lake day

summer vancouver lake

The area surrounding Vancouver has no shortage of lakes for you to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re ready for a quick trip to North Van or a full day journey to Whistler, we’ve got you covered for every kind of fun lake experience.

Take a dip in a waterfall

summer vancouver waterfall

That’s right, the more adventurous of you can head to a waterfall for a dip instead of a lake. Will they be freezing? Yes. Will it be a better story than hitting up your local swimming pool? Also yes. Just make sure you’re prepared for the conditions out there.

And that’s our guide for the things you need to do before summer ends in Vancouver, folks! Now get out there and soak it all up, you didn’t weather the rain and snow to be a bump on a log during the summer, did you?