GPS company names Vancouver the most congested city in Canada

Photo via Curiocity Group

We’re actually surprised that the GPS company TomTom has named Vancouver the most congested city in Canada. We totally would have thought that Toronto or one of the surrounding boroughs would take top prize. But hey, that’s what we get for not including a highway in city planning.

Just kidding, we are eternally grateful that there’s no highway in Van, since studies have shown they do little to nothing when it comes to traffic. And besides, on the global ranking Vancouver comes in at number 40, which is a far cry from some of the most congested cities in the world.

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TomTom essentially ranked congestion against the amount of time it would get somewhere with absolutely no traffic. For example, Vancouver has got a congestion rating of 39% (Toronto sits at 33%, by the way). So, on average, a drive that should take around an hour will take an hour and a half or so. Yeah, that mostly adds up.

Meanwhile, the world’s megacities are in much worse situations. Manila in the Philippines and Bengaluru in India share the number 1 spot, with each city boasting a congestion rating of 71%. Can you imagine having to factor in close to double the time it takes to get anywhere, all the time? Yikes!

So, in the scheme of things, Vancouver being the most congested city in Canada isn’t the worst news we’ve heard this week. You can read TomTom’s full report right here.

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