For Sale: An estate with your own private lake outside of Vancouver

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Ready to live out your DJ Khaled Sea-Doo fantasies? Then you ought to think about making a bid on the Laxton Lake Estate. This massive 80-acre property just south of Abbotsford comes with everything you need for commune living. And yes, that includes your own private lake.

laxton lake estate

The man-made lake occupies about 50 acres of the property. Had the owners tried to build it today, they’d probably be shut down. But things were a little different 25 years ago so boom, private lake. While a few properties back onto the lake, you get the final say in whether they get to enjoy your sacred waters or not.

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laxton lake estate

Oh yeah, there’s also definitely a house on the property too. The custom-built home has 4700 sq. ft of space, a three-car garage, and a caretaker’s suite. Basically, your whole extended family could move in. If you want them to, that is. We’d just fill the house with pinball machines, pool tables, and other amenities to get the absolute maximum level of ‘chill’ possible.


Listed at a mere $4.5 million, the property costs less than most detached homes in West Vancouver. Forget saving up for that starter apartment. Instead, we think you should round up a few buddies, raise some capital, and get to country living early.

You can check out the Laxton Lake Estate right here.

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