Escape to a secluded oceanfront oasis at this incredible cottage rental in PEI

Photo via Vrbo

We were looking around for what we wanted to feature for rental of the week and stumbled across an absolute stunner of a beachfront cottage in PEI. This is a double whammy because we think that Prince Edward Island, like the Northwest Territories, is a highly underrated Canadian destination. Let’s check out the stunning Bear Shore Couple’s Retreat in Prince Edward Island, shall we?


Mostly because we’ve never been blessed enough to visit ourselves, and we’re curious. We know that the Island encourages a relaxed lifestyle with a lot of seafood, but what else is going on? We’re going to have to visit to find out. Well, we guess that’s what this idyllic beachfront spot would be perfect for!

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And, if you’re going to venture out to Prince Edward Island, why not travel in style? There are few things more stylish than a modern beach house. Mix some contemporary design with some incredible sunsets? You could spend the days walking the same stretch of beach (not our recommendation) and still feel like it’s worthwhile.


This incredibly unique cabin sleeps 4 and is being pitched as a couple’s retreat. But, we know very few couples that are going on couple’s retreats, so we’re saying rent this for whatever you see fit. Personally, we’re going to try and round up a few friends. It might be hard pitching the $650 or so a night, but we’re going to see what we can do.


If you’d like to check out this beachfront cottage in PEI in full, just click here! It’s currently booking for Spring 2021, aka right when you need to escape your cabin fever.