Danny Green got robbed while he was staying in Vancouver

Photo via @greenranger14 Instagram

Looks like Vancouver can get just as silly for celebrities as us regular folks, since former Raptors point guard Danny Green got robbed while he was staying here. During his visit last week to the city, he ran into some trouble in the Downtown East Side.

Apparently, members of his crew were staying in an Airbnb near Gastown, while he stayed in a nearby hotel.

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As he explained on the Inside the Green Room Podcast, the Airbnb was not in the best condition (no surprise). As they were upstairs trying to get the lay of the land, a couple of bookbags were stolen from downstairs.

Danny Green mentioned that he had no idea that East Hastings was the mecca of crazy streets in North America. Maybe next time they will post up in Coal Harbour instead.

Yeah, that’s probably a better idea.

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