Canada just imposed a nationwide shark fin ban

Photo via @alex_dawson_photography Instagram

Fun fact- did you know that Canada is the largest importer of shark fins in the world outside of Asia? Well, we used to be, since we just banned them nationwide. That’s right- no more shark fin soup at your favourite Chinese restaurant, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Here’s the scoop on the shark fin ban in Canada.

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It’s actually a great time for ocean critters in Canada, since cetaceans were banned from being in captivity last week, too. So, to recap, no more orcas in tanks (good) and no more sharks being killed for their fins (also good). Basically, the ocean went back to back for victories in Canada.

Honestly, Vancouver seemed to be a top offender for this one, and there were quite a few restaurants offering shark fin on their menu. It’s been a long time coming too. The original bill was first introduced way back in 2013. But now, finally, the Canada shark fin ban is here.

Well, we’re glad that’s over with, we are big fans of sharks at Curiocity.

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