Canada Goose is now making hospital gowns and masks

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Canada Goose announced earlier today that they are going to produce hospital gowns and masks, which will then be donated to local medical centres around Winnipeg and Toronto. The move allows Canada Goose to directly aid in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

According to Canada Goose, they will be producing roughly 10,000 pieces total for the local medical centres. That’s just a first estimate, however, so there’s no telling what the final count might be.

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The move allows the company to use roughly 100 employees, and they’re committed to providing a safe and sanitary working environment for them. In addition, they’ve set up an Employee Support Fund for workers who may not be eligible for government assistance (although, that number should be close to zero).

And, that’s being funded by the CEO giving up his salary for the next three months. It’s a pretty sweet move if you ask us. If you’d like to read the details of the initiative in full, click here.

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