BC has just announced a province-wide eviction ban

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Alrighty, folks, we’re sure you’ve been anxiously waiting to see what the government’s economic plans are for the COVID-19 pandemic. And just this afternoon, the BC government has gotten a little closer to meeting the needs of the people. As of this afternoon, BC Premier John Horgan has declared an eviction ban in BC.

However, certain evictions will continue to take place. These include evictions where there are safety concerns and court-ordered evictions. That being said, this ban is a big step for the BC government and a huge win for renters and groups like the Vancouver Tenants Union.

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But that’s not all Horgan has pledged to do. In addition, he has declared a rent freeze and pledged up to $500 a month to help renters cover partial rent costs. However, that money will likely not be available for the 1st of April. That being said, the BC government is working to get it to renters as soon as possible. We’ll think of it as an early Easter present.

The eviction ban has also given landlords the ability to restrict common areas in buildings in an attempt to help slow the spread of COVID-19. These areas might include amenities like gyms, laundry rooms, and game rooms. But hey, it just means more ways to get crafty in living and entertaining yourself.

Have a great week Vancouver.

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