BC extends emergency measures- now in its longest state of emergency ever

Photo via BC Gov

On Wednesday afternoon, the provincial government once again extended the BC state of emergency for another two weeks. And now, it is officially the longest state of emergency in our history, surpassing the 10-week-long one that occurred in 2017 due to wildfires.

Having been declared on March 18, this latest extension will push the emergency to 12 weeks. If you were curious, the state of emergency basically helps streamline government decisions during unprecedented times.

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And boy, have decisions been made at every level. From unveiling a new restart plan to community support and funding initiatives, the government has been one busy bee. Which we’re grateful for since the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented an entire network of challenges across the province.

So we’re going to keep following along and obeying public health orders. And, as more social and economic opportunities open up, we’re going to make sure that we’re staying safe.

If you’d like to read the press release about the BC State of Emergency in full, click here.

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