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BC expands patio sizes for restaurants across the province

Photo via @tapandbarrel Instagram

While Vancouver might already have a plan for reopening patios in the works, it’s nice to know that the provincial government is on board as well. On Friday, the BC Government released an update that basically guarantees that restaurants will be able to expand their patios this summer.

This measure applies to every restaurant in British Columbia. And it’s as simple as filling out an application online to get approved. Nice, we’re fans of a streamlined plan like that.

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There are no fees associated with either the application or the permit itself. Basically, the government just wants restaurants to get back on their feet. If that means taking up a little extra space on the sidewalk, then so be it! We like the decision here. We wanna feel like it’s midnight in Paris or something.

And we’re sure that you do too, after this insane spring that we’ve had. If you’d like to learn more about the decision, just click here!

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