Apple is opening a crazy new office in Vancouver next year

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We need more friends in Vancouver’s tech sector, including the new Apple office, if only so we can be treated to office tours inside some of the coolest buildings in Canada. Amazon, Microsoft and now Apple have all committed to setting up shop in the city, and we for one embrace our new tech overlords.

According to a story first broken by the Financial Post, the new Apple office will be at 400 Georgia Street. Fun fact- it’s going to be across the road from the new Amazon office, which has taken over Canada Post’s building.

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It only makes sense that major companies would move into Vancouver now, because commercial space in the city isn’t exactly expanding. Although, we would bet money that Richmond and Burnaby will be filling up in around 5 years or so. You know, once Vancouver reaches capacity.

Hoo boy. Did we take the wrong major? Should we be tech bros, and rock Patagonia with dress pants while we discuss the future of biotech? Nah, we can just recommend the best places for them to grab a coffee in Gastown, instead.

Yeah, we like that idea more.

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