Airbnb wants to send Canadians to the Bahamas for two months- for FREE

Photo via @airbnb Instagram

Is the winter weather getting to you? Same here, which is why we want to talk about the Airbnb Bahamas Sabbatical, a once in a lifetime travel opportunity courtesy of the massive lodging and tourism company. Much like the Antarctica sabbatical that happened last fall, the Bahamas trip is one of the most immersive travel experiences possible.

Those chosen to join in will spend two months in the Bahamas, exploring three different islands. At each stop, you’ll be given unique opportunities to participate in the local community and economy.

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The trip starts with the Andros Barrier Reef. For three weeks, you’ll help restore the third-largest living organism in the world. Of course, you’ll have the help of a master scuba instructor and conservationist as well. They wouldn’t hang you out to dry. Afterwards, you’ll travel to the island of Exuma, where you’ll learn about sustainable and ethical fishing practices. Basically, the lionfish is a real doozy down there.

Finally, the trip ends on the island of Eleuthra. Here, you’ll be immersed in the local agriculture. Learn about the history of bush tea and natural remedies in the Bahamas, which can be traced all the way back to Africa.

The Airbnb Bahamas Sabbatical is most certainly going to be memorable. Think you have what it takes, and you can hop out of work for two months? Then you can apply right here.