A quick update on how the TransLink strike affects you

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Alright Vancouverites we’re on day 8 of the TransLink strike, are ya feeling the heat? Or if you have no idea what the heck is going on, we’ll fill you in.

Workers across all forms of transit (buses, seabus, engineers, etc…) want pay and benefit increases, along with improvements in working conditions, which have deteriorated due to surging ridership. The transit union’s (UNIFOR) estimated ask would amount to half a billion dollars over 10 years.

At the same time, Translink is planning on expanding service and needs funding for those projects. These two issues have collided resulting in the Coast Mountain Bus Company saying that the money should be spent on service increases instead. Busses need bus drivers, and bus drivers need busses. It’s a vicious cycle.

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It’s clearly a tough issue as both parties have valid points and issues. So far, where riders have been affected the most is via the seabus. Now, 16 are cancelled per day due to the inability to staff engineers without working them overtime. This issue is not likely to let up anytime soon as talks between opposing sides are not scheduled.

If you’re not too worried about being affected because you don’t live on the north shore, don’t get your hopes up. Busses are now starting to be affected and skytrains are next if the strike continues to escalate. And, those changes might come as early as next week.

Feeling a little anxious about the TransLink strike? Then check out updates via the TransLink website and read up on the union’s side of things. If you’re not informed, then how are you supposed to join in on small talk at lunch? It won’t work.

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