5 good news stories from around Canada this week

Via @nhlflames Instagram & Shutterstock

Happy Friday, folks! We’re back with another roundup of some good news stories from around Canada this week. We’re hoping that these might put a little spring in your step going into the weekend. Besides, who doesn’t love a little bit of good news every now and again?

The NHL Bubble has been working so far

Earlier this week, the NHL announced that there have been no cases of COVID-19 in either Edmonton or Toronto. So, it looks like the bubble plan for the NHL Playoffs has been a success! Fingers crossed that the players and staff continue to stay healthy.

Canada struck a deal to buy COVID-19 vaccines

Switching gears, the Government of Canada announced that it has partnered with Moderna and Pfizer to acquire COVID-19 vaccines for Canadians as soon as they become available. And as an added bonus, a new task force has been created to explore treatments and vaccines moving forward.

Mulan is skipping movie theatres altogether

This is kind of mixed news, but good for those of you who aren’t super comfortable returning to the theatre. Instead of a traditional release, Disney will now be putting out the new Mulan movie directly on Disney+. On the bright side, you’ll save a ton of money on snacks.

KFC is bringing plant-based options to Canada for good

After a wildly successful trial run last year, KFC has decided to bring a plant-based fried ‘chicken’ sandwich to Canada permanently. Feeling like fast food but wanna be a little healthier than usual? Well, you’ve now got one more option on the list.

400k Canadians went back to work in July

The latest report from Statistics Canada shows that over 400k Canadians went back to work or entered the workforce in July. While that’s less than half of those who returned in June, it shows that the Canadian economy is continuing to recover as we finish off summer.

And that’s our round up of some great news stories from across Canada this week! We hope you enjoy the weekend, folks!