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4 heartwarming videos of Canadians cheering for health-care workers

Photo via bydewey.com

As we’re sure you’ve seen, people all over the world are cheering for health care workers. And the videos are pretty sweet. That’s why we’ve decided to compile some videos from major cities around Canada. Enjoy!

Cheering for health care workers across Canada

This video from Vancouver shows how the West End made noise to support healthcare workers. Heck, even the Seagulls are joining in. And while English Bay is looking nice, remember to stay home and social distance.  You don’t want to be the Floridians of Canada okay?

Calgarians know how to make some noise, in fact their cheering kind of sounds like an avant garde noise show with that echo. Anyway, we’re sure the health care workers appreciate the noise. And hopefully that snow will keep you guys at home. Or maybe not…

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Torontonians are doing a great job of not throwing those pots and pans off their balconies. Remember chair girl? And they’re making some of the best and most consistent noise we’ve heard from any of the major cities. Keep up the good work Toronto.

In Montreal, we didn’t hear much cheering from people but the police seem to have it covered. There’s nothing quite like filling the streets with squad cars and letting the sirens have at it. You sure aren’t going to miss that noise, we’re sure Montreal’s healthcare workers appreciate the support.

In conclusion, We hope these videos brighten your day. And if your city hasn’t started cheering for health care workers, get to it! However, that being said, the best thing we can do to support health care workers at this time is to stay home and self isolate. Above all, take care of yourself.

Have a great week, Canada!