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The Ultimate Back to School Guide- UBC Edition

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First, we did back to school tips. Now, we’re going to give you the ultimate back to school guide, using some lists we’ve done this past year. From coffee shops to shopping to nights out, this is the only guide you need to make the most of the semester.

Here’s the ultimate back to school guide for UBC students.

Coffee Shops

nemesis coffee

Of course, the coffee shop is the most important amenity for university students. Cup of joe, few hours of work… You can’t go wrong. Well, unless you try to study on campus. Instead, head down to Gastown or Kitsilano and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the Starbucks at the village. We particularly like Nemesis Coffee.

Kitsilano Bars

colony bar

So you want to go grab a beer but you’re not super motivated to hit the Pit or Koerner’s. Luckily, Kitsilano is a stone’s throw away and has a ton of bars to satisfy your needs.

Clubs and Concert Venues

imperial vancouver

Don’t have to worry about getting a lot of work done this weekend? Avoid the frat party scene and instead head downtown to catch some live music or a great DJ set. Vancouver has got no shortage of clubs and concert venues, so check em out.


roden gray

Looking fresh is more than heading to the book store and grabbing a UBC hoodie. Ensure that no matter what you’re wearing (even a sweatsuit) is fire by checking out some stores in Kitsilano or Gastown. Or, support one of Vancouver’s many local brands.

Cheap Eats


Arguably the most important part of being a university student is knowing where to eat for cheap. We know the feeling of a) having $10 to spend on dinner and b) being too tired to make some food. Instead, hit up one of Vancouver’s many delicious spots for cheap eats.

Alright, that’s everything we can think of at the moment for our back to school guide. If anything else comes to mind, we will be sure to share it with you. Enjoy your first week!

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