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Guide: The 8 trendiest boutiques in Vancouver

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Vancouver has got all sorts of boutique stores, so for this guide we thought we would pick our top choices for a variety of purchases. Men and womenswear, furniture, home furnishings, and a couple of weirder things, too. They’re all in here, waiting for you to experience. Here are our favourite boutiques in Vancouver.


One of a Few

One of a Few

One of a Few is one of the few places to get really great contemporary womenswear in Vancouver. They’re always on the hunt for the latest brands to capture modern fashion, and from the looks of it, they’re succeeding. We’re big fans of Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and this store carries them.

Hours: Monday to Thursday/Saturday, 11AM-6PM, Friday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 353 Water Street


Roden Gray

roden gray

Roden Gray has asserted itself as a world-class destination for high fashion. The brand list is bonkers, ranging from Thom Browne to Raf Simons, and is essentially a who’s who of luxury menswear. Know how some stores are for those looking to ball out on a budget? Roden Gray is not one of those places. They do have great t-shirts and socks that are relatively cheap though…

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM
Where: 8 Water Street

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Men and Women


neighbour woman

While technically two different storefronts, the ownership is the same so they get the nod. Neighbour is a great place to find that minimalist piece that you know will look great and stay cool forever. Shoutout to their buying team, because that’s a tall order in Vancouver.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM
Where: Neighbour- 12 Water Street (in the courtyard) and Neighbour/Woman- 45 Powell Street

Home Furnishings



This sprawling store has got everything you could ever ask for when it comes to interior design. Herman Miller? Check. Crazy pricy accessories? Check. Rugs that cost $20k? Check. They’ve also got a great book section.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10AM-6PM, Closed Sunday and Monday
Where: 50 Water Street

Pet Store

Good Boy Collective

good boy collective

Having only opened a couple of weeks ago, Good Boy is sure to become Vancouver’s go-to store for pet supplies. High-quality, ethically sourced products are the name of the game here. And, it doesn’t hurt that the design is top notch, too.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-6PM and Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 3633 Main Street


Örling & Wu

orling and wu

These guys get a shoutout because they carry a great Japanese brand called Midori. Seriously, if you have got any journalists in your life, then they need the Midori traveler’s notebook. Solidify your place in their heart on their next birthday.

Hours: Sunday/Monday, 11AM-6PM, Tuesday to Thursday, 10AM-6PM and Friday/Saturday, 10AM-7PM
Where: 28 Water Street



Just down the street from Örling & Wu is Litchfield, which specializes in more ‘masculine’ gifts. Of course, gender (and taste) is a spectrum, so don’t let that discourage you from buying a cool brass candle for a girlfriend, either.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-6PM and Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 38 Water Street

Zany Stuff

All Day Breakfast by Studio A-OK

studio aok

If you, like us, dabble in a little cannabis consumption every now and then, you might as well do it in style. From stickers to pipes and apparel, Studio A-OK will have you feeling all sorts of cool the next time you show up to a house party.

Hours: The new shop opens early June. Until then check out the website.

And those are some of our favourite boutiques to shop at in Vancouver. Make sure you keep them in mind the next time you want to treat yourself a little. Trust us, they’re worth the price.

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