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Guide: 8 of the most underrated restaurants in Vancouver

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We’re going to be honest and say that finding underrated restaurants in Vancouver was no walk in the park. While overrated restaurants here seem to be a dime a dozen, it’s much harder to name places that haven’t already seen some sort of critical acclaim or commercial success. But, we tried our best to find spots that tend to fly under the radar, no matter how good they are.

Here are 8 of the most underrated restaurants in Vancouver.

Ramen Butcher

most underrated restaurants vancouver ramen butcher

While Hokkaido, Marutama, and Danbo seem to receive the bulk of tourist attention, this spot in Gastown has been satisfying locals for years. They’ve got a great happy hour deal, and their unique menu is perfect for those who want something a little different from their ramen experience.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11AM-2:30PM and 5PM-9:30PM, Friday to Sunday, 11AM-9:30PM
Where: 223 E Georgia Street

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This low key Italian spot on Main Street has been a Vancouver staple for years. Plus, their Northern Italian cuisine focus makes them a great option for the colder months. Make sure you visit their bar upstairs at least once this winter, too.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 5:30PM-10PM and Friday/Saturday, 5:30PM-11PM
Where: 1020 Main Street


la quercia

This tiny wine bar is the sister restaurant of the absolutely delicious La Quercia. Most of our friends aren’t even aware of that, let alone this offshoot that has one of Vancouver’s best wine lists and a frequently changing menu showcasing incredible Italian cuisine.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 5PM-10PM, Closed Sunday and Monday
Where: 3687 W 4th Avenue

Ubuntu Canteen

most underrated restaurants vancouver ubuntu canteen

We might just be jumping the gun because this place is new, but the newest concept from the people behind Grapes & Soda and Farmer’s Apprentice is going to be a sleeper hit in the city. An organic menu that changes daily, plus a community-oriented vision? Pure gold.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 8AM-3PM and 5PM-10PM, Closed Monday
Where: 4194 Fraser Street

Indian Oven

indian oven

Our go-to pick when we’re craving a little take-out action. Indian Oven is a staple amongst our roommates, and we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve tried from here, whether it’s a tikka dish, some curry, or even just nibbling on some appetizers and naan bread.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 12PM-10PM and Sunday, 4PM-10PM
Where: 2006 W 4th Avenue

Aladdin Café

aladdin cafe

Aladdin Café has been our top pick for shawarma for at least three years. The unassuming spot on Robson has got the consistency, portions and taste down for us to be able to eat here like twice a week. When you delay your transit trip home to stop by, you know you’re sold.

Hours: Daily, 11:30AM-10PM
Where: 615 Robson Street

Linh Café

linh cafe

A French/Vietnamese fusion restaurant that would be eternally busy if it was it a different part of the city. It’s an unpretentious, family-style restaurant that will blow you away every time you visit. Honestly, this one might be the biggest sleeper on the list.

Hours: Wednesday to Friday, 11AM-9PM and Saturday/Sunday, 10AM-9PM, Closed Monday and Tuesday
Where: 2836 W 4th Avenue

Any cheap sushi place

sushi itoga

The cheap sushi spots in this city are arguably the best part of Vancouver. Trust us when we say that we’ve got the best sushi scene in Canada, if not North America, and a middle-of-the-road spot here would dominate any other city. Count your blessings, folks.

And that’s our list of the most underrated restaurants in Vancouver! Now get out there and find some more for us to put in our next instalment, we have a feeling that this list is going to get pretty big.

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