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Guide: 8 of the best fusion restaurants in Vancouver

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Hey there, hungry pals! We’re feeling adventurous today, and there’s no better way to capitalize on that than with a guide to the best fusion restaurants in Vancouver. Plus, this city has some absolutely fantastic restaurants both new and old that are sure to surprise your tastebuds.

Here are the 8 best fusion restaurants in Vancouver.

Bao Bei

best fusion restaurants vancouver bao bei

One of our favourite restaurants in the city, Bao Bei blends Chinese and French cuisine perfectly. Our top picks here are the bean curd skin (weirdly), the omelet, any of the ‘petits cadeaux’ (dim sum) and if there are a few of you, the beef tartare. Since it’s walk-in only, we recommend putting your name down and grabbing a warmup drink at the Keefer Bar.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 5:30PM-12AM and Sunday 5:30PM-11PM
Where: 163 Keefer Street

Kissa Tanto

best fusion restaurants vancouver kissa tanto

From the same person behind Bao Bei came Kissa Tanto a few years back. If Chinese/French helped Joël Watanabe break onto the scene, then Japanese/Italian solidified his place in it. A slightly more refined experience, Kissa Tanto offers a completely unique look at dishes like lasagna, agedashi tofu, and even katsu. We recommend grabbing a reservation and saving up some cash, because you’ll want to try it all.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 5:30PM-12AM, closed Sunday and Monday
Where: 263 E Pender Street

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best fusion restaurants vancouver ancora

It’s fun to see a particular combination become so popular that it earns its own name. Well, such is the case with Nikkei, the Peruvian and Japanese fusion that Ancora specializes in (fun fact- Nobu is considered a pioneering restaurant of Nikkei cuisine). By using Peruvian ingredients and preparing them with Japanese techniques, Ancora creates some truly incredible dishes, be they raw or cooked.

Hours: Vary per location
Where: 1600 Howe Street and 1351 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver


best fusion restaurants vancouver pidgin

This Asian/French fusion restaurant has been creating some of Vancouver’s most interesting dishes for the past few years, with little rhyme or reason. Well actually, it does kind of make sense, since ‘pidgin’ refers to a new language created when two distinct groups try to communicate. Luckily for us, PiDGiN is an excellent translator. Plus, their happy hour is fantastic.

Hours: Daily 5PM-12AM
Where: 350 Carall Street

Say Mercy!

best fusion vancouver say mercy new restaurants vancouver

The newest of the bunch by a long shot, Say Mercy! is blending Italian and… American BBQ? It’s a bold strategy, but it’s already clear that it’s paying off, with Say Mercy! becoming an early frontrunner for Vancouver’s best new restaurant of 2020.

Hours: Daily 5PM-10PM
Where: 4298 Fraser Street

The Rise Eatery

best fusion vancouver the rise eatery

The Rise Eatery is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of culinary ingenuity and blends the distinct flavours of Asia, Europe, the Americas, and beyond. Talk about imaginative food! What’s better is that they do it all between lunch, dinner, and brunch.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11AM-11PM and Saturday/Sunday 10AM-11PM
Where: 3121 Granville Street

Linh Café

linh cafe

This is a French/Vietnamese fusion restaurant that would be eternally busy if it was it a different part of the city. It’s an unpretentious, family-style restaurant that will blow you away every time you visit. This spot is definitely the biggest sleeper on the list.

Hours: Wednesday to Friday 11AM-9PM and Saturday/Sunday 10AM-9PM, closed Monday and Tuesday
Where: 2836 W 4th Avenue

Breakfast Table

breakfast table

Now with a new space and even more more reason to visit, Breakfast Table has a diverse menu. The dishes here range from beef bulgogi hash to wild salmon with fried rice. But, it’s the challah bread french toast that makes them stand out in our eyes. Best fusion breakfast dishes in the city in our opinion!

Hours: Daily 8AM-3PM
Where: 3014 Granville Street

From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, these are the best fusion restaurants in Vancouver. Now get out there and treat your palate to something new this week! You’ll be happy that you did.

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