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Guide: 6 workout classes in Vancouver that you’ll actually like

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Did you overindulge this holiday season? Us too, which is why we need to think about the best workouts in Vancouver. Sure, we love the gym, but sometimes we need a class-based workout to kick start our health drive. Otherwise, we’re going to sit on our phones on a stationary bike for half an hour and call that a workout.

Not going to fly. Here are some workouts in Vancouver you’ll actually want to go back to!

Club Row

club row

Billed as the first of its kind in Canada, Club Row pairs rowing with an intense, tempo-based workout set to music. We actually love rowing, so this class is a no-brainer for us. Although, our friends who rowed competitively would disagree. They’re a bunch of cynics, though.

Where: 163 W Pender Street

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Barre Belle

barre belle

You don’t have to be a dancer to train like one. Tone and sculpt your body as you work on balance and poise. Then, take your new body (and your newfound confidence) to the dance floor during your next work event. Remember- one half of being a good dancer is stamina. The other half is something we haven’t quite figured out yet.

Where: 1847 W 4th Avenue

Lagree West

lagree west

This spot specializes in the use of ‘Megaformer’ machines for their workouts. While specialists are quick to point out the differences, the easiest way to conceptualize this is by thinking of it as Pilates on steroids. Start with their intro class before moving into more challenging routines.

Where: Locations around Vancouver

All-City Athletics

all city athletics

Next up, we also really like boxing workouts. All-City Athletics offers a variety of classes for all skill and fitness levels. We wish we had that opportunity- we used to just get beat up by a surprisingly strong man named Francois, and we paid a pretty penny for the privilege. Thanks Francois!

Where: 130 W Hastings Street


eastwood unique workouts vancouver

The Eastwood Experience has got two parts to it. First, you sweat everything out in a spin class. Then, you can chill out a little bit and meditate. With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s a winning combo. If only we were flexible enough to sit with our legs crossed…

Where: 154 W Hastings Street


yyoga unique workouts vancouver

This company is probably the most approachable and diverse yoga studio in the city. Start with some of their easier courses, and you’ll find yourself doing pretzels in 32-degree heat in no time. Pure mental focus and pure physical control, what a dream!

Where: Locations around Vancouver

And there you have it, folks! Our guide to the best workouts in Vancouver to try this winter. Get out there and try one of our picks, you won’t regret it. At least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves before we book a class.

We’re setting reasonable expectations for ourselves in writing and in fitness this year. Self-care 2020!

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