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Guide: 6 places to sip quality tea in Vancouver

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There’s always a lot of buzz about coffee, but what about tea? We think this drink needs a little more love. So many flavours, so many kinds, so many burns on our tongue from drinking it too soon. Ahh, tea. So, where to find the best tea in Vancouver? Look no further than these spots.

Here are 6 places in Vancouver to sip quality tea.

Cultivate Tea

Cultivate is dedicated to the quality and craft of tea. You can always expect a cup of the best,  and if you need a reliever after work, try their tea bar. Psst, they also make delicious kombucha.

Where: 2280 Main St

O5 Rare Tea Bar

tea vancouver

O5 Tea is the spot in Kits for great tea. We like O5 because they specialize in rare teas and also happen to have kombucha. If you’re a hands-on person, they offer lots of tea-related events. Also, they also sell their tea online, which is great if you don’t feel like leaving the house.

Where: 2208 W 4th Ave

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Neverland Tea Salon

Peter Pan vibes? Actually, yes. This place is super cute, and surprisingly probably one of the most fun places you could have a party in Vancouver. Tea party, of course. Check them out for high tea, they even have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Where: 3066 W Broadway

The Granville Island Tea Company

If you have plans to wander around the Granville Island Market, we highly suggest you swing by the Granville Island Tea Company. They have pretty much every tea under the sun. Also, because they sell bulk tea, you can stock up on all your favourites.

Where: #117, 1689 Johnston St

The Chinese Tea Shop

tea vancouver

Owner Daniel Lui is dedicated to Chinese tea and has studied it since he was a teenager. The Chinese Tea Shop is a gathering place for tea lovers and a great place to buy personally sourced and unique teas.

Where: 101 E Pender St

Paragon Tea Room

tea vancouver

This one is a must-try, but can be easy to miss because it’s tucked inside of Porto Cafe. People love their tea mistos here, which are actually made with a machine that’s basically the tea version of an espresso machine. Pretty high-tech. If you like bubble tea, you’re in luck here!

Where: 2207 Cambie St

Alrighty tea lovers, which of these spots will we find you at next? If we missed on of your favourite tea spots in Vancouver, let us know so we can stop by!

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