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Guide: 11 of the craziest dishes in Vancouver

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We’re going to use a liberal interpretation of ‘crazy’ for this article. Because, frankly, there are all sorts of crazy dishes in Vancouver. It’s passé to focus on just the biggest or most expensive thing you can get. Instead, we thought we would shed some light on a few dishes that are socially taboo, or worth the price/wait to get. Of course, we also included some downright nutty ones.

Here are the 12 craziest things to eat in Vancouver.

A5 Steak at Elisa

elisa steak

A5 steak is recognized as the highest quality steak in the world, courtesy of the good folks over in Japan. Although it’s not Kobe (which is just a prefecture in Japan) the A5 Wagyu from Elisa will set you back $29/oz, with a 2oz minimum order required. It’s the steak equivalent of trying top-shelf whiskey at a very tall bar.

A leg of Iberico Ham from Lola & Miguel


So you really want to flex at your next house party? Consider picking up a leg of ham. The 36-month aged Iberico de Bellota is 7.5-8 kilos and will cost you a cool $1500. Not ready to go that big? The 24-month one is only $750ish, and they sell 50g packages for $20-$40. It’s actually not that bad of a price.

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The Sushi Bar Omakase from Tojo’s


If there was one meal we would most likely try, it would be this guy. Priced at $180 and up per person, you’ll get as close to Japan here as anywhere else in Canada. Have a conversation with a sushi master, and eat the highest quality sushi in the city, if not the country.

A Seafood Tower Royale at Boulevard

seafood tower

This three-tiered seafood extravaganza comes with a $500 price tag, so maybe go with a group. Featuring oysters, lobster, crab, caviar and a bunch of other stuff, this is the best choice for those who want to experience Vancouver’s seafood but aren’t feeling like sushi.

Seenay Pizza at Steveston Pizza

seenay pizza

We can easily say that this is the most wasteful dish on this list. Prawns, lobster, caviar and truffles? And it costs $850? Come on, at least put some gold leaf on the crust or give us the Beluga tin or something, because we’re not buying that it’s anywhere close to reasonably priced.

The Rainbow Bagel from Rosemary Rocksalt

rosemary rocksalt

Switching gears, the Rainbow Bagel at Rosemary Rocksalt is a fun product, but not something we would willingly buy. Who thinks to themselves, ‘Ooh, you know what I could go for? A Rueben, but make the bagel a Rainbow’. We’re just goofing though, we know that they’re messing around and having a laugh making them.

Some of the flavours at La Casa Gelato

la casa gelato

We shudder at the thought process behind coming up with the instant classic flavours like ‘Vegemite’, ‘Sour Cream and Chives’ or ‘Kimchi Mango’. Whoever is back there has been high on acid since the 80s, that’s the only explanation we can think of. We ain’t mad though, just as long as they don’t mess with our standbys (Hedgehog or Tiramisu, don’t at us about it).

Brown Sugar Bubble Tea

xing fu tang

Featured in bubble tea joints around the city, but probably done best at Xing Fu Tang, brown sugar bubble tea is absolutely delicious. Expect that no matter where or when you go for it there will be a line, and just pray that you get there before they sell out for the day.

A meal on top of a Caesar from The Score


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The Caesar Grande at The Score is the stuff of nightmares. It’s not because of all the savoury items- a giant burger, nachos, deep-fried mac and cheese balls, and a crispy chicken burger. Instead, the sickos think that our hungover asses would want to finish this shameful meal with a slice of peanut butter cake.

The Beast from The Cannibal Cafe

cannibal cafe

One of two meal challenges on this list, The Beast at the Cannibal Cafe is rude. There’s 48 ounces of patty, 8 slices of cheese, and 8 strips of bacon to take down. Also, you’ve only got 30 minutes to eat it, so get ready to dunk your bun in some water (cue retching sounds from the rest of your lunch party).

The Parmie Challenge at Moose’s Down Under

parmie challenge

Leave it to an Aussie joint that serves Kangaroo to have the most savage meal challenge in Vancouver. The chicken Parmie challenge at this spot gives you 45 minutes to eat 2.2 lbs of chicken parmigiana with an extra large side of fries. We’d try it, but our doctors advise us against filling our arteries with breading.

And that’s our list! From frustrating to expensive to downright ridiculous, those are the 12 craziest dishes Vancouver has to offer.

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