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Guide: 10 romantic spots in Vancouver for perfect summer dates

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Well Vancouver, we’re in our prime season of summer. And so we think it’s only appropriate that we talk about some of Vancouver’s most romantic spots. After all, what’s better than a truly spectacular summer date? Well, nothing in our opinion. So here are 10 romantic spots in Vancouver for summer dates.

Dine at Seasons in the Park

If you haven’t had the opportunity to dine out yet, you might as well make Seasons in the Park your first stop. Not only is the food great but the restaurant has an amazing view overlooking Queen Elizabeth Park. So you get a double whammy which makes a perfect romantic dining spot.

Hop on the ferry

There’s something really special about taking ferry rides. Especially when we all live in a place as beautiful and lush as BC. So whether you’re going on a getaway or merely a day trip, consider going somewhere that involves a ferry. Because there’s nothing better than looking out on the islands with someone special.

Stargazing at UBC

We know this sounds a little old-timey but this pastime is free and available every single night. And who knows what you might see. But if you do decide to try stargazing be sure to go somewhere with less light. So that’s why we suggest UBC’s campus or somewhere on the North Shore.

Dine at Au Comptoir

This little gem in Kitsilano feels straight out of Paris. This means you can enjoy excellent French cuisine, drinks, and service without the cost of a plane ticket. And the small space makes it perfect to cozy up to your SO.

Have a picnic in Vanier Park

Bonding over food and views is a great way to get to know someone. And Vanier Park happens to be pretty dang beautiful with lots of open space and views of the city. So get that aesthetic picnic basket together and stake out your spot at Vanier Park.

Go museum hopping

Luckily for us, most of our museums have reopened. So if you’re a fan of art or history we highly suggest that you and someone special check out a few of Vancouver’s amazing museums. If you need some ideas there’s the Vancouver Art Gallery, Bill Reid Gallery, and MOA.

Dine at The Acorn

If you or your SO happens to be plant-based, you might as well dine at one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world. Which The Acorn just so happens to be. And not only is the food delicious but the interior is inviting and perfect for a romantic date.

Explore Gastown

Gastown is pretty great as its Vancouver’s historic neighborhood and is full of restaurants and shops. So we recommend stopping by one of the many amazing coffee shops and then going for a stroll through the neighborhood. Because a walk through Gastown on a summer day is a great way to spend the time with someone you love.

Go for a hike

We know the idea of getting all sweaty on a date might be kind of scary. But summer hiking is one of the best things about living in BC. After all, the hike you do doesn’t have to be hard. And there is an abundance of hikes to choose from. But we’ve compiled some ideas if you need help.

See a movie at the Twilight Drive-In

Forget Netflix & chill because there’s the Twilight Drive-In. After all, streaming Netflix gets old, and seeing a drive-in movie on a warm summer night is pretty dang romantic. So you might as well give the Twilight Drive-In a shot.

Well, folks, we hope that you enjoy these romantic spots and ideas in Vancouver for summer dates. And we hope that you treat someone special to the summer date of a lifetime. On that note, remember to follow the rules of businesses and locations and bring a mask!