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7 movies to catch during Vancouver International Film Fest

Photo via https://viff.orgPhoto via https://viff.org

The Vancouver International Film Festival starts at the end of this month and will be bringing some of the best films of 2019 to the city. We know that picking what to watch during film festivals can be daunting. Lucky for you, we get paid to comb through the 25 pages of content!

Here are 7 films to check out during the Vancouver International Film Festival.


A Brazilian genre mashup that is ‘part arthouse and part grindhouse’. Taking inspiration from Seven Samurai to spaghetti westerns, the film tells the story of a Brazilian town that finds itself under siege from sinister forces.

Greener Grass

An absurd, and let’s call it insidious, look at ‘cookie-cutter suburbia’. Reviewers have drawn comparisons to David Lynch and Black Mirror, so we’re sure that this one is bound to be a cult classic. We’ve spent enough time in the suburbs to know there’s some weird stuff out there.

Martha: A Picture Story

A documentary looking at the work of Martha Cooper. She started taking pictures of New York’s graffiti scene in the late 70s, and ended up capturing some of the most iconic shots of the genre. Given Vancouver’s penchant for graffiti, this one is a can’t-miss.

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A Japanese film focusing on a recent university grad as he starts work at a bathhouse, unaware that it’s a front for Yakuza operations. Part coming of age film, part film noir, fully engaging. Definitely going to be talked about after the credits roll.

My Window

The most ‘artsy’ of our picks, ‘My Window’ is an 11-year long chronicle of day to day life in Porto Alegre, Brazil. What starts as lighthearted voyeurism devolves into a ‘record of decline’ on ‘the periphery of a national tragedy’. Nice.

Out of Tune

A quirky film following a white-collar Danish criminal as he engages in a power struggle with the leader of the jailhouse choir. Obviously provocative, yet subtly poignant. Come on, it’s a film about society’s scumbags… what did you expect?

The Painted Bird

The final touch on our ‘sad, but you should probably watch it’ trio. This adaptation of the highly controversial novel has been running rampant across Europe. The setting? A young Jewish boy as he wanders amongst the Polish countryside during WWII. We have a feeling this film will reside on the same shelf as ‘Come and See’. We don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

And there you have it, folks. All of our top picks for Vancouver International Film Fest this year. Whether you’re feeling something lighthearted or are ready to be jarred for a couple of weeks afterward, there’s guaranteed to be a film for you.

Vancouver International Film Festival

When: September 26 to October 11
Where: Various Venues
Tickets: Vary, 6-ticket packs are available for $84, though

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