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5 of the best Halloween parties in Vancouver this weekend

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The bummer about the 31st landing on Thursday is that all of the best Vancouver Halloween parties have to go down this weekend. That’s ok though, we’re sure that you’ll forget what day it is as soon as you step into any one of these options.

Here are 5 Vancouver Halloween parties to check out this weekend.

Rhythm of the Night

Hosted at The Clubhouse, this ‘queer 4 queer dance party’ is going to help you start off the weekend right. It will feature everything from 80s disco to 90s hip-hop, plus drag performances and voguing. Basically, it’s a one stop shop for a rowdy Friday night.

When: Friday, October 25
Where: The Clubhouse
Tickets: $20 at the door

Cursed Carnival

This is the place to be for all of you UBC kids. Koerner’s has long held the ‘university house party’ vibe, so we think you should go. First, mingle a little bit. After that, see what actual house party everyone is going to after.

When: Friday, October 25
Where: Koerner’s Pub
Tickets: $20

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Switch Halloween Rave

Hosted by the fine ladies of switch.mp3, this night is a great mix between an intimate dance party and a high-flying club night. Go to dance, go to drink, and go to get down with some of Vancouver’s best DJs.

When: Friday, October 25
Where: The Biltmore Cabaret
Tickets: $10

Walk the Night IV

The fourth annual Halloween party hosted by Pacific Rhythm. We’re big fans of them, and we know that this party is going to get you moving until the early hours on Sunday morning. It’s a great introduction to Vancouver’s afterhours scene.

When: Saturday, October 26
Where: Paradise
Tickets: $25

The Burton(esque) Ball

This is a double-whammy of a Halloween party. First, you get to experience a legitimate ball in Vancouver. Second, the ball is themed after one of the kings of weird and spooky vibes, Tim Burton. It’s upscale but weird, and that’s perfect for us.

When: Saturday, October 26
Where: The Beaumont Studios
Tickets: $75

And that’s our guide for all the Vancouver Halloween parties to check out this weekend. Stay safe and stay spooky out there, folks.

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