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15 majestic waterfalls in Canada you have to see in your lifetime

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Go chasin’ waterfalls. Do it! They’re pretty! They smell nice! Like water and nature! So here are 15 waterfalls in Canada worth the trip from wherever you are. Some are swimmable, some are famous, and some are just so darn nice to look at. But one thing is for certain, we want to see them all.

So let’s take a look at some of the best and most beautiful waterfalls in Canada.


helmcken falls

At 141 m of pure natural beauty, this gorgeous spot makes us fantasize about wilderness walks and the soothing massage of a high-pressure showerhead.

Where: Wells Gray Provincial Park, BC


waterfalls canada

Forbidden slippery stairs? More like Albion Falls. This super unique waterfall looks like the world’s trickiest set of stairs. And we don’t recommend trying to climb them.

Where: Hamilton, ON


waterfalls canada

We get it, Jasper. You’re perfect. Stop rubbing it in. Make yourself feel inadequate in comparison to the beauty of Athabasca Falls, one of Alberta’s gems.

Where: Jasper National Park, AB


Niagara Falls may be cool but it has nothing on Nailicho Falls which is twice the height. And its name means big river falling which sums it up pretty dang well.

Where: Nahanni National Park Reserve, NT

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waterfalls canada

1/10 name 10/10 waterfall. This looks like another planet entirely but holy smokes, it’s just Canada at it’s best! Worth the trip out east, we promise.

Where: Gros Morne National Park, NL


shannon falls

Oh, how easy it is on the eyes Shannon Falls is. This little hideaway along the Sea to Sky Highway near Squamish is the perfect spot to revel in all the pretty feels! The mist is opening our pores, are we getting pretty too?

Where: Shannon Falls Provincial Park, BC


maligne canyon

Jasper back in action to add a little fire to all our Instagram feeds. Maligne Canyon is the perfect place for a hike, and the waterfalls are just gorgeous. No filter needed!

Where: Jasper National Park, AB


waterfalls in canada

Numa just has a good ring to it. And this waterfall is pretty cool because it has a bridge just for viewing it. So if you’ll be in BC, get over to Numa and just have a good stare at the beautiful blue.

Where: Kootenay National Park, BC



Iceland? No. Norway? No. It’s Quebec, people. Venture over to the land of our French-speaking neighbours, and get directions to this amazing spot, s’il vous plait.

Where: Quebec City, QC

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This one is a two for one because you get a waterfall and a cave. And if you ask us, that’s pretty unique. So if you plan on making a trip to Banff National Park, don’t miss this super cool spot.

Where: Banff National Park, AB


takkakaw falls

Ah, what a picturesque location. Say the name ten times fast, and a swarm of parrots will be summoned. Legend has it, at least.

Where: Yoho National Park, BC



Well, duh. You knew this would be here. It’s pretty obvious. However, it’s just as obviously Worth seeing in real life! We’ll be on the Maid of the Mist with our mascara running.

Where: Niagara Falls, ON


waterfalls canada

We will say “I do” over and over again to this perfect spot. We won’t say I do to anything else because we’re chronically single. It sure would be nice to share this view with a special someone…

Where: Bridal Veils National Park, BC


kakabeka falls

At 40 m, this is the second-highest waterfall in Ontario. We can tell her she’s the prettiest, though! Open year-round for viewing, you can adventure around this gorgeous spot when it’s frozen for an extra cool effect.

Where: Oliver Paipoonge, ON


waterfalls in canada

If you just so happen to be going up to Whistler anytime soon, you have to stop at Brandywine Falls. Not only are they beautiful but they’re also quite easy to get to. Because you know sometimes a full hike isn’t the move.

Where: Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, BC

Fifteen of the most beautiful waterfalls in Canada, Fifteen trips for you to take this summer! Just uh make sure the areas are actually open before you go. Happy waterfall spotting, friends!