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Wear a hockey jersey for a BOGO burritos at Chipotle today

Photo via Chipotle

Looking for a cheap lunch with a friend today? Well then, pop on a hockey jersey and swing by Chipotle for a buy one get one free offer that’s going on all day. Seriously- they’re just calling it ‘Wear Your Hockey Jersey Day’. Super straightforward stuff, just how we like it.

The intent of the promotion is to get people to support Canadian hockey players in general, which is a nice touch. Sure, Pettersson probably gets all the free Mexican food that he wants, but what about the 12 year old kid trying to follow in his footsteps?

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Today, that dream comes true. Well, as long as they go with somebody who is willing to buy a regular entree or kid’s menu item so they can cash in. But hey, who’s going to turn down a young hockey player chasing their dream? Nobody, that’s who.

Just in case you’re trying to see how far this road goes, Chipotle is limiting this promotion at 10 free items. Guess what that means though? The post-game meal today could be half price for the squad! How about them apples? Beats the regular trips to Boston Pizza, that’s for sure.

See you down there, Vancouver!

Wear Your Jersey Day at Chipotle

When: Friday, February 21
Where: Participating Chipotle locations across Canada

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