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Vancouver Magazine just released their 2020 Restaurant Awards

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Well folks if you’re looking for somewhere new to eat, Vancouver Magazine just released its 2020 Restaurant Awards. And we thought we’d give you guys a quick recap on whats the best of the best in Vancouver this year. Because we all love seeing our city’s restaurants getting the recognition they deserve.

So we’ll bet that you can guess at least a few of the restaurants that made the cut. But to start the restaurant of the year is Boulevard. And this came as no surprise as they’re pretty well-loved in this city and we’re sure it’ll stay that way. But for best chef, Andrea Carlson of Burdock and Co. snagged the title.

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And as this list is long we’re going to skip the upscale awards and go straight for the best new restaurant. So in a surprising pick, Do Chay, a vegetarian Vietnamese spot on Kingsway was the receiver of this award. And we’re thinking we’ll have to stop by.

But if you’d like to learn more about the Vancouver Magazine 2020 Restaurant Awards you can click here. And just a few more of the restaurants you’ll see mentioned include The Acorn, Via Tevere, Downlow Chicken Shack, and a whole lot more.