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This Gastown cocktail bar has some wicked drinks and an old soul

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Are you ready to feel fancy this weekend? No? Well too bad, because we think you should go have some fun at The Diamond in Gastown. That’s our stance and we’re sticking by it. And here’s why.

the diamond

Now celebrating 10 years of bringing delicious cocktails to Gastown, The Diamond hasn’t lost any of its original charm. From the (pretty daunting) first flight of stairs, to the intimate setting, to overlooking the hustle and bustle down below, The Diamond is a fantastic place to unwind.

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the diamond bar

Whether you (smartly) reserved a table or simply pulled up to the bar, you’ll be greeted by one of Vancouver’s best cocktail lists. The ever-evolving selection features classic standbys like Old Fashioneds and Gin and Tonics, but you can also try one of their signature drinks if you’re feeling adventurous.

the diamond food

Next, it’s time to decide on the food. Specializing in Pacific Northwest Cuisine, the small plates are the perfect accompaniment for the spirited drink list. If you’re feeling pretty hungry, then they’ve got a few larger plates that are sure to satisfy your appetite.

the diamond drink

But, we’d be lying if we said that we came here for the food. That’s just the (very tasty) cherry on top of a great cocktail bar experience.

The Diamond

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 5:30PM-1AM, Friday/Saturday, 5:30PM-2AM and Sunday, 5:30PM-12AM
Where: 6 Powell Street

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