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There’s a brand new beer delivery service in Vancouver

Photo via @luppolo_brewing Instagram

Breweries of the city, know this- if you keep sending us info about beer delivery services in Vancouver, we’re going to keep talking about them. There’s no way we’re going to let one of the best beer scenes in North America go down without a fight. Anyway, here’s the latest scoop.

It’s simply called the Beer Van, and it offers products from a variety of local names. Luppolo, Slow Hand and Faculty Brewing and Temporal all have brews listed. So, whether it’s a pilsner, a sour or an IPA, chances are good you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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And as an added bonus, a couple of non-alcoholic producers have joined in on the action. Dickie’s Ginger Beer and Oddity Kombucha are both available, just in case you want something sort of healthy while you’re sinking down the suds.

Finally, any orders placed that are over $40 will get free delivery. Order before 2 PM, and you’re guaranteed same-day delivery as well.

Sounds like our kind of delivery service! Check out Beer Van’s website right here.

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