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North Van is getting a new donut and fried chicken spot very soon!

Photo via Cream Pony

Thinking of heading to the Lonsdale Quay for a winter walk sometime soon? Then you might want to know about the new spot Cream Pony, which is just about ready to open! Here’s some more info on this new concept coming to the area.

Originally teased last fall, Cream Pony specializes in two things- donuts and fried chicken. And with pretty steep competition for both around the city, we’re expecting that they’ll bring the heat.

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For donuts, expect the use of a brioche batter for their creations. The result? Pillowy, soft donuts in flavours like chocolate, glazed and creme brulee. Meanwhile, the chicken is going to be buttermilk-based, and frankly, it looks super crispy.

Here’s hoping that this new spot lives up to the hype! It would be very nice to cap off a trip to the Polygon or something with some delicious treats.

To stay tuned for more updates, just check out the Instagram page! Happy eats, folks.

Cream Pony

When: Opening soon
Where: 111 East 1st Street, North Vancouver