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Menu Item of the Week: An Iconic Shaking Beef dish

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What’s up, Vancouver? We’re now introducing another weekly feature, similar to the Happy Hour of the Week. Basically, it’s an excuse to showcase our favourite dishes in Vancouver, and can you blame us? Welcome to the first ever Curiocity Vancouver Menu Item of the Week! We’ve decided to kick things off with a particular menu item from Phnom Penh that we are always craving.

The Vietnamese-Cambodian restaurant serves up a couple of incredible dishes, but it’s one with rice that is arguably the best dish of its kind in the city. Let’s take a look at the Beef Luc Lac on Rice with Egg.

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phnom penh

You should never hesitate to grab some chicken wings or the marinated butter beef. But, it’s the beef luc lac, rice, and egg combo that claims the top spot on their menu (for us, at least).

We don’t know why it translates to “shaking beef” but we do know that the French-inspired Vietnamese dish is downright delicious. The sauteed beef cubes are cooked to perfection, and the meat sauce they use is amazing.

Curiocity Vancouver menu item of the week Phnom Penh beef luc lac

Then, you add in a fried egg cooked over easy, allowing you to mix in the yolk for a little extra umami. It’s hearty but not too filling, and you’ll love the little freshness that comes with the side salad. Man, we cannot wait for our next work lunch, we know exactly where we’re going.

Of course, Phnom Penh is busy from the moment they open til when they close. So if you’re trying to sit down, go either super early or smack dab between lunch and dinner for your best chance at getting seated quickly.

Pro tip though, Phnom Penh does take out. Order up whatever you want like 30 minutes beforehand, then go pick it up and chow down at home. You’ll thank yourself every time you do.

Phnom Penh

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 10AM-9PM, and Friday to Sunday, 10AM-10PM
Where: 244 E Georgia Street

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