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Inside a stunning new addition to Vancouver’s food and drink scene

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There’s a new multi-concept eatery in the Financial District, and it picked one of the city’s most iconic buildings to set up shop. Brass Fish Tavern is the latest from the Vancouver-based Donnelly Group, and is sure to become a new downtown staple. Here’s what you should know before you go!

brass fish tavern

First, the concept for Brass Fish Tavern is unlike anything else in Vancouver. In addition to being visually stunning (just check out that insane blue whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling), the space features three separate yet connected concepts within.

In order to achieve this, Donnelly Group brought in the best people for the job.

brass fish tavern

The first concept to inform Brass Fish is the tavern. But, Chef Clement Chan (formerly at Torafuku), designed a menu that took classic tavern staples and elevated them into dishes that celebrate a devotion to pan-Asian cuisine.

From burgers and fried chicken to shishito peppers with a miso aioli, Chan will redefine your expectations for ‘tavern’ style dining.

brass fish tavern

The next concept Brass Fish used was a mezzanine lounge, which doubles as an inviting space for a drink during their live music nights on weekdays from 5pm to 9pm.

In a subtle nod to the grandiose history of the Marine Building, Brass Fish crafted a cocktail menu from the ground up. And rather than lock those flavours in, the drink selection will change semi-seasonally to reflect new ingredients as they become available.

brass fish tavern

But the final concept is what’s going to ensure that Brass Fish is here to stay. That’s because in order to properly bring the idea of an upscale izakaya to life, Donnelly Group brought in a revered sushi chef. Say hello to Kevin Wong, formerly of the Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant INUA.

brass fish tavern

Wong will be creating some of the most interesting sushi and izakaya dishes in Vancouver, we can feel it.

Well, we can also see it, since he’s already created a Beef Luc Lac sushi roll that is unlike anything else in the city.


So far you’ve got three different concepts, each of which would be viable on its own. But no, those are all in the same space, which happens to be a gorgeous spot inside of one of Vancouver’s most iconic buildings.

Finally, the people executing those concepts are at the top of their game.

brass fish tavern

But as a final bonus, Brass Fish Tavern also has one of the most impressive happy hours in the city, running from 3PM to 7PM daily.

Yeah, we’re checking it out this ASAP. See you down there!

Brass Fish Tavern

Hours: Monday to Thursday 11AM-1AM, Friday 11AM-2AM, Saturday 11:30AM-2AM and Sunday 11:30AM-1AM
Where: 385 Burrard Street

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