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Hugely popular Taiwanese bubble tea chain Milksha to open in Van

Photo via @milksha_van Instagram

The huge Taiwanese bubble tea chain ‘Milkshop’ has begun preparations to open a Vancouver location on Robson Street. With over 240 stores spread across Asia, ‘Milkshop’ has proven itself to be an international player in the bubble tea game. Nice.

And, it appears that they have chosen Vancouver as their first store in North America. Double nice. Although, for whatever reason, they’re using the name ‘Milksha’ instead. Maybe it’s just easier on the corporate side.

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The chain has a few different specialty drinks to offer the city’s ravenous bubble tea fans. They do some great Black Tea Lattes, matcha and pudding milk drinks, and even have a few soy milk options.

The store has posted up 1258 Robson Street, and based off of their posts are working hard to get the store up and running as soon as possible. Personally, we can’t wait, as the best bubble tea spots (in our eyes) are always Taiwanese chains.

You can keep up to date with Milksha by following them on Instagram.

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