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Happy Hour of the Week: Health and happy hour coexist at Kokomo

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We always want your happy hour to be as fun as possible. Bored of the same old spots? Let’s jazz it up! Today, we’re featuring a place that’s a little unusual for us. It’s food-forward, rather than drinks forward. Just tryna make your Dry January as tasty as possible, you know? We’re talking about Kokomo! Healthy and happy hour can coexist, we promise!


You’ve probably heard about how great Kokomo is from all your health nut friends. And let us tell you, boy are they right. The food at Kokomo is delicious, and it just so happens to be super healthy. Might as well kill two birds with one stone! Or, no birds at all, since this is a vegan establishment.

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kokomo happy hour

Anyways, you’re probably wondering why the heck we’re talking about a healthy spot for happy hour. Let’s chat about it!

On weekdays from 8 AM – 10 AM and 3 PM – 5 PM, Kokomo offers $7 smoothies and $10 bowls & salads. That means you’re saving between $3-$5 per item. You should probably just grab food for you and all your friends or the whole office! You’ll be everyone’s favourite.


Yeah yeah, this wasn’t an alcohol-related happy hour. Hey, we just wanna make sure there’s something for everyone here, especially during Dry January.

Remember, health is wealth, and this is just one step towards that goal. Happy eating, Vancouver!

Happy Hour at Kokomo

When: Weekdays 8 am – 10 am and 3 pm – 5 pm
Where: Various locations