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Happy Hour of the Week: Cheap eats at one of Van’s prettiest restaurants

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Happy Tuesday, happy happy hour day! We’re back this week to bring you a happy hour at a Vancouver favourite, Nuba. If you’re unacquainted, they specialize in Lebanese food, which combines the flavours of European cuisines with the exotic ingredients of the Middle East. The result is super tasty and ideal for happy hour snackies.

Not only is the food amazing, but they strive to use organic and local ingredients that are selected daily. Shall we take a look?


Nuba is the perfect spot for flexitarians, because they serve a menu with a majority of plant-based options, but also with a few meat dishes. So next time you’re with your really picky friends, bring them on over! We’re sure there’s a dish they’ll love.

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But let’s get into the tasty happy hour details, shall we? Nuba has a ton of happy hour food options, which is amazing because sometimes you just wanna eat for cheap. By a ton of food options, we mean a whopping 12.

Prices for items range from $3-$10 and you can enjoy dishes like tabouleh salad, chicken shish tawook, and hearty vegan stew.


You might be wondering about drinks- no stress, Nuba’s got those too. However, they’re more secretive about their happy hour drink offerings as they vary by location. That means you’ll actually have to go check them out to find what’s good.

But hey, what’s a better excuse to get out of the house than to grab some tasty food and drinks? We can’t really think of one, honestly.

nuba vancouver

Great food, accomodating ingredients, and all for cheap? We dig that.

Go find your new faves at Nuba. We’re going to be elbows deep in hummus if you’re looking for us.

Nuba Happy Hour

When: Daily, 3 pm until 5 pm
Where: Multiple locations