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Guide: 6 places to get tropical drinks in Vancouver

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There’s something special about sipping out of a pineapple, are we right? Summer has gone by super fast, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to let go quite yet. Spend your August in Margaritaville with these 6 wicked spots in Vancouver for tropical drinks!


tropical drinks vancouver
There are few places that are better for soaking the rays up than at Havana on Commercial Drive. All their drinks pay homage to the glory and energy of Cuba, so drop by if you’re feeling something with a lil extra kick.


tropical drinks vancouver
The seasonal menu at Juniper showcases the best gins in the world from both near and far, so you know you’re in for some seriously good sips. If you really wanna go ham on the summer vibes, though, try their Forbidden Fruit, with Tanqueray Gin No. Ten, strawberry shrub, calamansi, birdseye chili, grapefruit, lime, sumac & kiwi bitters.

Shameful Tiki

shameful tiki room bowl
The drinks here, hoo boy, are life-changing. Predominantly rum-based, they are equally delicious and, for lack of a better word, powerful. Hey, we’re not complaining! We are ordering ourselves a shareable one with a fiery volcano in the middle, though.

Banana Leaf

tropical drinks vancouver
Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Indian, and Chinese cuisine… Banana Leaf does it all. You probably won’t feel like you’re at home when you step in here, and you definitely won’t once you down a few of their Pina Coladas.

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tropical drinks vancouver
Drinks with flowers in them make us feel special. And since Cuchillo’s sweet like that, they serve us pretty blooms all the time. Case in point: their Secret Garden cocktail with Tito’s vodka, lychee liqueur, fresh lemon juice, mint syrup and a jasmine spritz. Aaaaah, we can taste the islands.

The Pawn Shop

tropical drinks vancouver
The Pawn Shop specializes in tacos, taps, and tequila. The three essential T’s of life! We’re happy to participate in all of those things, but we’re mostly jazzed about the fact that we can share giant fishbowls of tropical goodness with our pals. ‘Cause who doesn’t want that?!

And that does it for our list of must-try tropical drinks in Vancouver! Make sure you hit these 6 spots before the pre-winter blues set in, guys. We don’t wanna see you without a fun straw in your mouth for at least another few weeks.

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