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Guide: 5 great places to get delivery from in Vancouver tonight

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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s gross outside. We’re not going to deal with it, not today! Instead, we’re going to recommend our top picks for delivery in Vancouver. Because what’s better on a snow day than tossing on some Netflix and eating delicious comfort food? Nothing, that’s what.

Here are our top picks for delivery in Vancouver.


burgoo bistro

A Vancouver comfort food favourite and for good reason! Burgoo offers sandwiches, soups and entrees that will make you question the quality of grandma’s cooking. Today, we’re recommending some mac and cheese, or their famous grilled cheese sandwich with some tomato soup on the side.

Locations: Kitsilano, Point Grey, Downtown, Lonsdale
Service: They’re on practically all of em!


best ramen in vancouver

A top-tier ramen spot that also delivers, perfect! And we know what you’re thinking- yes, they package the broth and the noodles separately so they don’t get soggy before arriving at your door. Today, we’re feeling a little bit of their Tonkotsu Black, since that extra kick of garlic might help with this cold we’ve been trying to shake.

Locations: Kerrisdale, Downtown
Service: Doordash

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AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint

aj's pizza joint delivery in vancouver

There are days when fancy, light pizzas are appropriate. Today is not one of those days. Nope, instead it calls for a large New York style pepperoni pizza, a caesar salad, and maybe even some meatballs on the side. Pair that with some red wine and you’ll be golden.

Location: Mt. Pleasant
Services: DoorDash, SkipTheDishes



Can you tell that we love Japanese food? If you’re not in the mood for ramen, then maybe a little curry or some tonkotsu is in order instead. Dosanko brings homestyle Japanese cuisine to Vancouver and is a great choice on those days when you want something both filling and refined. Weirdly. Works, though!

Location: Gastown
Service: DoorDash

delhi6 Indian Bistro


No comfort food list can be complete without some Indian cuisine. We like Delhi-6 not only because they have great staples (read: butter chicken) but also a whole host of traditional and contemporary Indian dishes that will leave you wanting to explore the menu more.

Location: South Granville
Service: SkipTheDishes

And that’s it, folks! Our 5 top picks for those of you who were thinking of getting delivery in Vancouver tonight. If you do end up ordering from one of these restaurants, do us a favour and leave a generous tip for the poor kid taking on the snow in his 2004 Corolla.

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