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Find healthy food and a beautiful interior at the newest Field & Social

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Sometimes finding lunch can be hard, since Vancouver sure does have a lot of options. But we do know that you can never go wrong with a good wholesome salad! It’s tasty and it actually fuels our body, unlike endless Pizza Pops. This is why we’re super pumped about the newest Field & Social location in Mount Pleasant!

Field & Social

This is Field & Social’s 3rd location and continues to cement them as a must-try in the city. If you’re not familiar with Field & Social, they’re all about listening to their guests, team, and community.

They work with local chefs to add seasonal additions to their menu every quarter. Also, they continually strive to remain at the forefront of fast-casual healthy eating. Talk about admirable. We can feel our skin clearing from here.

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Field & Social

As with all other Field & Social locations, you can expect a delicious and curated selection of salads and warm grain bowls. They’re truly the perfect grab and go lunch.

Or, bring a few friends and hang out in their beautifully minimalistic space. Just saying, it’s kind of the perfect spot for Instagram pics, and you could be the next big Instagram foodie. Maybe, maybe not. Worth a try.

Field & Social

Whatever your plans are, they should include Field & Social. Make a day out of it and explore Main Street or walk downtown to Chinatown. Your options are endless once you’re feeling fueled n’ healthy! To see menu options and more, click the link below!

Wow, are we actually salad people now? We just might be…

Field & Social

Hours: Monday to Friday, 11AM-7PM and Saturday/Sunday, 11AM-3PM
Where: 18 East 5th Avenue