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An iconic downtown Vancouver pub has closed permanently

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We’re not sure about you, but we feel like the Metropole was a rite of passage for any Vancouverite exploring the city’s nightlife scene. The Gastown neighbourhood dive bar/pub/club whatever was known for cheap drinks, a good atmosphere, and cheap drinks.

But, that’s music to any frugal resident’s ears. Pair that with a great location and a decades-long history, and you can see why the Met closing is a blow to Vancouver’s nightlife scene. The reason for the closure after surviving most of the pandemic? New rules regarding when they can be open.

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Basically, the provincial government has introduced a new law that will have alcohol primary spots stop serving customers at 10 PM. So that’s kind of a tough thing to overcome. But, that was in response to rising COVID-19 case numbers, so it’s kind of a murky area to be trying to figure out a clear path forward.

The only thing we’re clear about? If the Met ever comes back, we’ll be among the first to go get a cheap pint or two to celebrate.

Hope to see you there.