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A Japanese and Mexican pop-up has come to Vancouver

Photo via Gyoza Bar

Vancouver is no stranger to fusion cuisine. And we thought that we had seen it all, until we heard about the Marukatsu Pop-Up at Gyoza Bar. If you’re ready to try something new this weekend, you can’t go wrong with a little Mexican and Japanese mashup.

Marukatsu is focusing on katsu, as you’ve probably already guessed. And while there is a full range of options, we’re going to make a beeline for the Marukatsu burrito. Choose from either chicken or pork katsu, and then watch it get loaded up with tomatoes, beans, rice, sour cream and a ton of other fixings.

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Honestly, this sounds so crazy that is just might work. Crazy like a fox, even! You can’t deny that this combo is at the very least going to be a completely new experience for your tastebuds. And in a city as diverse as Vancouver, that’s a tough claim to make.

This pop-up has set up shop at Gyoza Bar downtown. Keep them in mind next time you’re down there and craving something different!

Marukatsu Pop-Up inside Gyoza Bar

Where: 622 West Pender Street

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