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Guide: 10 must-try dishes at the Richmond Night Market

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With Richmond Night Market opening for the summer tomorrow, now is the time for you to know what you should be saving space for. There are over 120 food vendors this year, which is an absolute boatload. So, we picked 8 can’t miss spots to help you out a little bit.

Here are our top choices for Richmond Night Market 2019.

Tsuga Fry House

tsuga fry house

These guys do a blooming onion. That’s right, they chop up a white onion and then deep fry the whole dang thing. Toss in a couple of sauces, and you’ve got an amazing, shareable dish on your hands.

Salty’s Lobster Shack

saltys lobster shack

Classic crab and lobster rolls done right. It’s only fair that we feature a few seafood dishes in this guide, and this is one of our favourite snacks, so.

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Whata Food

whata food

Have you ever tried the Brazilian street food staple known as the pastel? Well, you take some bread, put some cheese in the middle, then deep fry it. Oh yeah, it’s every bit as glorious as it sounds.

Okonomi Bites

okonomi bites

Japanese poutine might be the next wave. There’s traditional okonomiyaki poutine, with all the toppings of the classic savoury pancake incorporated. Or, you could keep things simple fried pork poutine instead.

Teppan Bossam

teppan bossam

These guys specialize in BBQ Korean pork belly. It’s practically bacon on steroids, and a must try for anyone who enjoys hearty, shareable street food.

Mamak La

mamak la

Anything on this Malaysian menu is delicious, but our go-to is the mac and cheese roti. They’re really bringing fusion to the roti game, which we think is an underused bread in North America.

Waffle Tower

waffle tower

Get ready to join the Long Boi Gang. Except, instead of eating way too many Slim Jims, you’ll be diving into a long waffle. It looks like a monolith, and we’re ready to idolize it.

Fluffy Souffle

fluffy souffle

It’s these guys’ first year at the Night Market, and we have a feeling they’ll be taking over. Souffle pancakes have been all the rage the past few months, so get on the train before summer is over.



Of course, we have to include one of the most popular carts in the whole dang place. Half chip, half fry and fully delicious, the Rotato is a rite of passage at the market.

Chef James Skewers

chef james

Another extremely popular spot, and also a rite of passage for attendees. Try some chicken, some beef and some pork. You’re not at the market to count calories, so treat yourself.

And that’s our guide to some of the best vendors at the Richmond Night Market! We recommend you head down early to beat the lines, both to get in and at the carts.