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10 amazing options to try during Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Fest this year

Photo via Beaucoup Bakery/Instagram

With cooler temperatures around the corner, we’re more thankful than ever to be able to indulge in Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Fest this year. Lucky for us, there are dozens of creations to pick from across the city! Let’s check em out.

Here are 10 great options to try during Hot Chocolate Fest.

49th ParallelFaux-Rerro

While there are more than a few vegan options, we like the sound of this one the best. Vegan and gluten-free, this hazelnut-infused hot chocolate comes with a chocolate praline cake truffle on the side. Decadent and delicious.

When: Until February 14th
Where: Multiple locations

Beaucoup BakeryThat’s My Jam

Say hello to the hot chocolate version of a PB&J. A peanut hot chocolate base is topped with strawberry whipped ganache. Plus, you get a peanut butter financier dipped in strawberry chocolate to go alongside it. We trust Beaucoup to pull this off in style.

When: Until January 30th
Where: 2150 Fir Street

Beta 5 ChocolatesWon’t Ube Mine?

All four of Beta 5 Chocolates’ creations sound tasty, but it’s the last one that caught our eye. Done with Mark Singson (from Top Chef Canada), this white hot chocolate has been paired with ube and corn. On top? A cheesie-dusted ube and corn wafer. Sounds wild, and we’re intrigued.

When: February 6th to 13th
Where: 2150 Fir Street

East Van Coffee RoastersPhony Negroni

The Phony Negroni from East Van Roasters brings this back to earth a little bit. But, you’ve still got a juniper white hot chocolate to look forward to, that’s paired with a Campari coco nib and some candied orange.

When: February 2nd to 14th
Where: 319 Carrall Street

Glenburn Soda FountainDa Cocoa

We’re overlooking the less than stellar name, because this is one of the most interesting drinks on here. A popcorn-infused Callebaut hot chocolate is the base, and it’s got caramel cream and cheesy corn snack crumbs on top. Could this be the ultimate Netflix movie drink? We hope so.

When: Until February 14th
Where: 4090 Hastings Street, Burnaby

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Honolulu CoffeeMauna La’i

If you’re looking for a tropical option, this is a great choice. Honolulu Coffee is doing a dairy-free hot chocolate made with guava and coconut milk, that’s topped with some coconut whipped cream for good measure. Aloha, 5-minute trip to Hawai’i.

When: Until February 14th
Where: Multiple locations

Kafka’s CoffeeHave a Halva, Have a Sip

Full honesty- we didn’t know about the confection halva until we saw this option. Now, we’re really curious about how the sweet will pair with a hot chocolate. Plus they’ve got a tahini cookie alongside it, which is a nice touch.

When: Until February 14th
Where: Multiple locations


We don’t know what Ispahan means, but we like what it stands for. The iconic macaron brand’s offer is a raspberry and rose creation featuring chantilly cream and rose meringue. Plus, all their offers come with a macaron on the side, so it’s a double whammy.

When: Until February 13th
Where: 1141 Robson Street

Nelson the SeagullKiff Kiss

Nelson the Seagull also kept it simple this year with the Kiff Kiss. But, they hit a niche that we feel like we’re part of- fans of everything malted. Say goodbye to your malted shake, because malted hot chocolate is on the menu.

When: Until February 14th
Where: 315 Carrall Street

Thierry ChocolateMount Pleasant

The least inventive name awards goes to Thierry, which named their hot chocolates after their locations. They’re lucky that A) they’re always incredibly delicious and B) we really want to check out their new spot anyway.

When: Until February 12th
Where: Multiple locations

And those are our picks for some amazing options to try during Hot Chocolate Fest in Vancouver this year! Make the most of it while you can, folks!