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Try this swanky new Chinese resto for cocktails and modern dishes

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Main Street has a new kid on the block! Vancouver, meet Old Bird. No, we’re not talking about an elderly bird, we’re talking about Vancouver’s newest just-opened Chinese joint! Old Bird is here to deliver Chinese food with attitude. We love it.

Let’s take a gander (hah, bird jokes) at what they have to offer.

old bird

Not only do we love good food, but we also love a good interior. Old Bird has both. It feels very swanky, while still being approachable and cozy. The space is basked in red light and adorned with lanterns for added flair.

Hidden in the simple decor, you’ll be able to spot some Chinese icons like lucky cats. Keep an eye out!

Beyond the interior, you can also expect a great menu. Old Bird’s dishes are both contemporary and rich in history. They blend nostalgic flavours passed down from the chef’s family with the modern flavours found in the street food markets of Taiwan and China. It’s a dining experience meant to be shared alongside a drink or two. Sounds pretty dang perfect if you ask us!

old bird

Speaking of cocktails, there are excellent drink options for those looking to indulge. Indulge you should, by the way.

Their namesake cocktail is made with Wild Turkey bourbon, Grand Marnier, ginger, cinnamon, angostura, peychauds and nori. We had to Google “peychauds,” no lie.

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old bird

We don’t want to give too much away, so we suggest heading over to Old Bird to try out their tasty menus for yourself. Let us know what you think!

Happy eating!

Old Bird

Where: 3950 Main St

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