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Try delicious Italian cuisine in this Yaletown heritage house

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We have to admit that before we discovered Lupo we had no idea that Yaletown even had heritage houses. We thought absolutely everything in there was built no earlier than like ’84. But, we have to say that it does add a nice touch to this incredible Italian restaurant.

lupo outside

Coming from chefs who had previously worked at the Beach House and Cin Cin, Lupo brings classic Italian fare into the modern age. And, the approach works perfectly in the space, which combines contemporary interior design with turn-of-the-century construction.

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lupo carpaccio

Start the meal with their wagyu beef carpaccio. The super-high-quality meat is paired with Reggiano, mustard, and most importantly, incredible marinated baby artichokes.

lupo pasta

Then, move on to a little bit of pasta for the primi. You really can’t go wrong here, but we think that the ravioli is a great pick for summer. Although, their gnocchi is incredible too…


Finally, it’s time for some secondi. The local quail is absolutely amazing, served alongside a bed of vegetables. Like the pasta though, this is the kind of menu that takes a few visits to get through and is guaranteed to be worthwhile every time.

Next time you find yourself in Yaletown, make sure you check this restaurant out.

Lupo Restaurant

Hours: Monday to Friday, 5PM-9PM and Saturday/Sunday, 5PM-9:30PM
Where: 869 Hamilton Street

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